LexisNexis® Telematics — Data Gathering Methods

Harness the power of telematics to deliver driver insights and education

Engage with your UBI customers through connected vehicles, mobile apps and aftermarket devices such as OBDII and 12 volt dongles.


Develop the Mass Market
Ability to scale usage-based insurance (UBI) programs quickly with flexible collection methods. Attract new customers by providing drivers with personalized scores and incentives. Configurable telematics deployments help expand customer base, while managing costs.

Gain Deeper Insights
Access telematics driving data at the granular level, based on both vehicle and driver-specific behaviors. Have a better understanding of the vehicle owners and usage trends through the powerful global telematics platform.

Improve Return on Investment
Insurers offering telematics-based insurance can help their customers learn to develop better driving behaviors, thereby lowering the risk for accidents and loss ratios. LexisNexis enables insurers to access all their telematics data analytics through a single platform.

Engage With Your Customers
Make it easy for customers to share telematics driving data by capturing and transmitting information through their smartphones. Create dashboard presentations, perform information disclosure and provide customer service through this configurable end-to-end solution.


We offer flexible ways to collect telematics data to insurers who want to run a usage-based insurance (UBI) program, while mitigating the costs associated with the initial hardware implementation. No matter your preferred telematics data collection method, you can take advantage of our new technology to easily and securely capture and transmit comprehensive telematics driving data to your UBI program.

Connected Car Data

  • Access normalized data directly from the global telematics platform
  • Collect clean data without having to implement additional hardware
  • Leverage advanced analytics to detect if policyholder is not operating the vehicle
  • Improve customer experience through better customer service and technical support

Telematics Smartphone Application

  • Data presentation via a branded, customer-facing web portal
  • Ability to collect both vehicle and driver level data
  • Data accuracy equivalent to OBDII devices, using widely used mobile platfroms to track speed and accelerations
  • Improved consumer experience due to the solution’s limited use of the smartphone battery, data plan and easy set-up
  • Customer service and technical support

12 Volt (12V) Tethered Device

  • Self-installed and low cost device easily plugs into the cigarette lighter
  • Device is paired with policyholders’ smartphones and serves as a phone charger within the vehicle as an added benefit
  • Bluetooth-enabled technology leverages smartphone app to record driving behavior data as part of the UBI program
  • Rechargeable super capacitor for ignition logging and device tampering detection
  • Collects more trips and more data elements per trip than standalone smartphone or OBDII devices.

To learn more about our telematics data gathering methods, contact us online or call us at 800.869.0751.

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