How We Help Customers

With better information, stronger insights and more solutions, here are a few ways we empower our customers and help them solve their business challenges.
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Top 10 Things We Do to Help Customers


Solve Big Data Challenges

Big Data can be overwhelming.
If you don't have a way to cleanse, manage or connect all the data that your business generates, we have solutions to help you.

Provide Actionable Insights

Our sophisticated analytics platform can identify meaningful patterns and usable, actionable insights to help make better business decisions.

Mitigate Risks

Transform your risk-decision making with comprehensive data insights, so you can manage risks like identity theft, money laundering, financial crimes, insurance and healthcare fraud and benefit scams.

Clarify Identities

Act with confidence knowing the most comprehensive identity verification and 360° view of consumers gives you the certainty of who they are.

Facilitate Compliance

Our compliance solutions will help you be nimble and adapt so you can reduce financial and reputational risk by complying with evolving regulations.

Analyze and Understand Your Data

Data analysis starts with our proprietary linking technology that links seemingly unrelated data to identify individuals, businesses, relationships and assets, to give you a clear understanding of what that means.

Empower Well-informed Decisions

Data driven solutions bring clarity to information, and better insights mean better decision intelligence.

Uncover Opportunities

The right insights into data can also find opportunities to grow your business, target customers more effectively, find new revenue and more.

Fight Fraud

We help you fight fraud by providing identity authentication tools and comprehensive consumer profiles that help prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of your business.

Streamline Workflows

Greater visibility into your data allows you to work smarter with the right
tools to streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency and
customer experiences.