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Healthcare | Advanced Analytics, Compliance, Customer Acquisition, Data Management, Identity
Josh Schoeller

CEO, Healthcare and President, Clinical Solutions, Elsevier

Josh Schoeller is the CEO of LexisNexis Risk Solutions Health Care and President of Clinical Solutions, Elsevier. He has over 20 years of experience across Payer, Provider, Life Sciences and Pharmacy industries leading product and growth strategies. Mr. Schoeller specializes in big data, provider and identity data management and integration, application architecture, predictive analytics and decision support. His track record of success working with multiple segments across health care has provided him the expertise to solve challenges faced by stakeholders at various levels within an organization, leading them to keep the big picture in focus while solving specific problems. In this role, he oversees all existing and new revenue for LexisNexis Risk Solutions' four healthcare verticals: Payer, Provider, Pharmacy and Life Sciences.

Mr. Schoeller is responsible for ensuring the development and growth of the overall strategy for LexisNexis Health Care and Elsevier's Clinical Solutions, as well as customer satisfaction. He does this by working with the sales, engineering and product teams to ensure healthcare solutions are solving emerging healthcare technology issues.

Topics of Interest

An industry expert and frequent speaker on healthcare technology, his work focuses on LexisNexis Health Care’s deep expertise in linking and matching data, as well as best practices in provider data management focused on improving accuracy, compliance and operational efficiencies.

Mr. Schoeller can speak to and provide examples of the following:

  1. How data and technology can be leveraged to optimize health care delivery in the United States.
  2. How provider, identity and transactional data assets, combined with analytics, help customers to understand, prepare for and execute to meet the myriad of operational challenges in the fast-evolving healthcare industry.
  3. The full scope of provider data management best practices, from data matching to data hygiene and management, to data integration and provider data accuracy and compliance.
  4. How looking at provider data in new ways helps health care organizations to achieve operational efficiencies and compliance while identifying new insights that impact provider and member satisfaction.
  5. How looking at identity and health care transactional data in new ways enables health care organizations to leverage insights that help protect the industry from fraud, waste and abuse.

Mr. Schoeller earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. He is also a member of the Forbes Council.