Thomas Suk

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Healthcare | Advanced Analytics, Compliance, Customer Acquisition, Data Management, Identity
Thomas Suk

Vice President Enabling Partnership

Thomas Suk is a seasoned executive with 12 years of experience in product design and the health care industry. He has a particular expertise for developing and leading projects requiring complex data integration. Mr. Suk is responsible for product development and management of solutions across LexisNexis Health Care. In this role, he oversees all market planning activities for the company’s vertical health care markets: Payer, Provider, Life Sciences and Pharmacy.

Topics of Interest

Mr. Suk’s work spans the full array of LexisNexis Health Care data assets and solutions ranging from provider data management to spend compliance, medical claims solutions, payment protection products, social determinants of health offerings and identity management solutions. He is passionate about applying LexisNexis Health Care’s data assets to solutions that drive value to our customers. For example, he led the company’s effort to develop a solution to solve the problem of provider data accuracy and shepherded the creation of a partnership with a large national healthcare association to deploy the solution, ensuring that patients have access to quality, accurate provider directories.

Mr. Suk can speak to and provide examples of the following:

  1. How looking at data in new ways enables companies to leverage nonobvious insights that help solve complicated problems for the healthcare industry.
  2. Why health care data is a challenge across the health care industry. People think it is easy, but it is hard. The challenge to manage data is difficult and very costly when it is not managed properly.
  3. How to ensure the accuracy and quality of provider data, while leveraging smart, optimal ways to arrange those data sources in meaningful ways.
  4. The value of medical claims data and how it can be used to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse as well as to measure provider activity.
  5. The full scope of data, IT, market and regulatory challenges associated with provider directory compliance.
  6. How provider data can be linked/merged with client data to meet strategic needs.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Carleton College and a Master of Business Administration, Information Sciences and Marketing degree from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.