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Large Retail Pharmacy Chain Chooses LexisNexis Risk Solutions for Universal Patient Identifier

National Retail Pharmacy operation to centralize patient records with LexID® across all pharmacies for improved engagement and interoperability


ATLANTA — LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has partnered with one of the largest nationwide retail pharmacy chains to provide the LexID® unique patient identifier across pharmacy operations to centralize records, reduce costs, and make quality healthcare easier to obtain for the pharmacy customers. The company also selected the LexisNexis® Keep Contact™ solution to maintain accuracy of demographic information for enhanced outreach and engagement in its wellness market.

We’re excited to help our client seamlessly manage customer identities to provide more efficient and consistent care delivery, further supporting the ability to ensure the right patient receives the right prescription at the right time, while promoting the adoption of a unique patient identifier (UPI),” said Craig Ford, Vice President of Pharmacy Markets for LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “Assigning a LexID to an estimated 200 million records nationwide is a huge step for our partner and for the industry,” added Ford.

Using a sophisticated, automated linking technology, LexID with Customer Record Key analyzes and connects records common to a single individual. It then assigns a set of unique identifiers to every patient record nationally to help healthcare organizations match and de-duplicate their records, thus creating one source of truth on each individual patient. While the LexID identifier is the same across organizations to promote interoperability, the Customer Record Key identifier – available on 100% of patient records – is specific to a customer and adds extra privacy, especially important for data on minors. This capability allows healthcare systems to overcome the challenge of lacking data standardization amid an abundance of patient information. The LexisNexis Keep Contact solution further boosts patient engagement efforts by enhancing patient demographic and contact information through an industry-leading, identity referential database.

The pharmacy-specific identity products are valuable additions to the vast range of compliance-based services that LexisNexis Risk Solutions – an industry-leading prescriber data provider – already delivers to most pharmacy chains and pharmacy benefit managers today. The LexisNexis identity solutions help pharmacies keep patient data clean, updated, and available for easy integrations for a streamlined and accurate identification at the point of care.

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