LexID® Linking Technology

Verify identities and manage your customer data with precision linking technology.


Gain a 360° view of identity

People are constantly changing — and so is the information that helps identify them. It can be difficult to link the right data to the right individuals or businesses. The key to effective data management is capturing a clear, 360° view of identity using expert data science and advanced linking algorithms — so you can make sense of your data and keep track of identities as they evolve over time.

Industry-leading data

Powerful dynamic linking technology

Comprehensive database of unique, persistent IDs

Foundational to our portfolio of products

LexID linking technology helps a wide range of organizations manage risk

We offer four unique persistent identifiers to address different market needs:

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The unparalleled reliability, scale, depth and breadth of our data resources provides the most comprehensive profile of an identity with coverage of most adult consumers in the U.S and U.K.

  • Gain a 360° view of your customers and enable universal
  • identification across your organization
  • Accurately verify identities
  • Enhance and cleanse your customer data
  • Offer more personalized customer experiences

Accurately connects U.S. businesses and identities, empowering you to:

  • Better understand who you’re doing business with
  • Automatically link businesses and update records information
  • Expand your customer base
  • Transform risk assessment of businesses and owners

A global solution that delivers a better view of online behavior so you can:

  • Protect against fraud
  • Distinguish between trusted and suspicious behaviors
  • Fortify security across channels
  • Assign risk scores according to your organization’s tolerance
  • Reduce friction for trusted customers

Enables U.S. healthcare organizations to confirm provider identity and authenticity, helping to:

  • Merge and remove duplicate records
  • Coordinate patient care across your ecosystem
  • Streamline workflows to help reduce costs
  • Achieve better patient outcomes
  • Protect patients and providers from fraud

Strengthen your data with LexID Linking Technology

Gain a more comprehensive view of identities and enhance data management
by appending your data with LexID profiles

Clean and Normalize Data

Cleanse, enhance and standardize your customer data to reduce record disambiguation and information siloing across the enterprise.

Enable Universal Identification

Link and match records and append with a persistent LexID number to give a more comprehensive view of each identity.

Protect Data and Privacy

Protect customer and data privacy by enabling data linking through a persistent methodology that does not require SSNs.

Drive Transformative Insights

Gain deeper and more accurate insights into identity and customer lifecycles for better risk assessment and decision making.

LexID Linking Technology can enhance the identity management strategy of any size organization across a variety of industries — to find out more check these out or contact us about a solution for your business.


Manage customer data and build a holistic view of your insurance customer.

Financial and Retail Markets

Detect and mitigate fraud by unifying online and online and offline identities with LexID Digital.

Government Agencies

Improve data quality and identity management to confidently mitigate risk, verify citizens and enable better health and service outcomes.


Create a more accurate view of populations by linking patient records into a single view.