Advanced analytics for better identity management.

LexisNexis uses a proprietary linking technology in combination with our own unique identifier, LexID®, to resolve, match and manage information for more than 276 million U.S. consumer identities. This patented linking and clustering method is the machine behind many LexisNexis products that leverage authentication, verification and other identity management capabilities

How do LexID® and LexisNexis linking technology work together?

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1. Identify

When we acquire a new record, LexisNexis assigns our own unique identifier, LexID®. LexID is not derived from personally identifiable information, like a social security number. 

2. Connect

Records with intersecting data points are linked together by LexisNexis® patented Scalable Automated Linking Technology and are then assigned the same LexID.

3. Enhance

Identity profiles are continuously updated to ingest new records. This dynamic process paints an extremely accurate picture that accounts for identity changes over time.

Benefits of LexID® and Our Scalable Automated Linking Technology

Having the largest database of linked public and proprietary information helps customers fight fraud, mitigate risk and remain compliant

  • Shed light on suspicious entities or transactions
  • Quickly hone in on irregular data points or outliers
  • Identify collusion or undisclosed relationships
  • Eliminate false positives
  • Protect your customers’ personally identifiable information
  • Create a comprehensive view of an individual