Location Intelligence is Your Key to More Precise Property Underwriting

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Location Intelligence

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Apply location-based data to learn more about a property and neighborhood, and drive better underwriting decisions. The location Intelligence suite of products leverages information about a property’s geographic location, structures, and current and previous occupants to give you the insights you need.

Location Intelligence

Improve Underwriting Speed and Accuracy

Bring key data into one view with a customizable interface or integrate the data into your underwriting workflow.

Price with Better Precision

Get a better understanding of geographical risk to drive more accurate rates and portfolio growth.

Expand Your Knowledge

Gain valuable location insight into a property's loss propensity by knowing more about the neighborhood.

Help Boost Profitability

Perform quality risk assessments to increase business and help optimize reinsurance costs.

More Accurately Assess Risk

Apply geocoded and risk-scored location intelligence to more accurately assess risk at the individual property level, both from a perils and accumulations standpoint.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk and uncover opportunity.

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