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Diversity & Inclusion

A global community

As a company with customers all over the world, we truly value diversity and believe that an inclusive environment is essential for nurturing big ideas and developing
industry-changing innovation.

Our Vision

At LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Group, we are passionate about making a positive impact on society and customers. We do this by providing world class technology solutions, contributing to the advancement of science and health, protecting children and preventing terrorism and fostering communities.

Our group strives to be a great place to work, where people feel valued and have equal access to opportunities and pay balance, regardless of gender or gender identity, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age and/or disability status. We do not tolerate discrimination, prejudice or hate on any level, and consistently evaluate our processes and procedures to ensure that we perpetuate a mosaic culture.

Inclusion and diversity are important to our future. We value diverse perspectives and recognize the importance of collaboration to achieve real innovation for our customers around the world, and to be more resilient, adaptable and successful. Inclusion and diversity are important to our future. 

Our Employee Resource Groups
Our employees receive 2 days paid hours to attend and work with our ERGs.

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Challenging Systemic Racism


Our commitment to diversity means advancing our culture of inclusion and taking action to support underrepresented groups. In our efforts to reduce and challenge systemic racism, we are making the following commitments:

  • Appointed a dedicated Executive sponsor on Race and Ethnicity to ensure it remains a key focus area and positioned to receive visibility and valuable input from the highest ranked leaders in the business.
  • Established a 5-year charitable giving plan to support organizations that advance opportunities for underrepresented ethnicities.
  • Ensuring we have diverse representation in leadership and equal career advancement.
  • Signed the Race at Work Charter and implementing the “5 calls to action” to ensure that underrepresented ethnicity groups are fully included within our culture.


Protecting Human Rights
Modern Slavery Act Statement

Read Our Modern Slavery Act Statement

Championing Women

We remain committed to supporting the advancement of women in technology and sales. Among our offerings are innovative learning and development opportunities, an inclusive culture to support our high-performing and engaged teams, and partnerships with local schools to encourage the next generation of talent.