Develop Outreach and Segmentation Strategies Using Claims-Based Intelligence

Analyze provider claims, referral patterns and affiliations, and deliver deep intelligence to your organization.

Healthcare Claims Intelligence

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With access to the right information, healthcare organizations can make data-driven decisions to transform marketing strategies and maximize sales resources.

LexisNexis aggregates and cleanses data on billions of medical claims and millions of unique practitioner relationships to uncover physician connections, understand physician referral patterns and identify “upstream” physicians who influence patient flow to healthcare facilities.

Transform marketing strategies

Use claims-based intelligence to better target physicians, referral sources and affiliates in your outreach efforts.

Identify high-impact practitioners

Uncover physician connections and discover opinion leaders at all levels—national, state, territory and city.

Understand physician referral patterns

Recognize providers referring outside of your network and procedures being performed in out-of-network facilities.

Quantify health systems

Estimate size and potential of health systems across claim categories to enhance targeting, deployment and contracting decisions.

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