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Patient Identity Intelligence

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Healthcare providers need an effective and efficient way to authenticate patients, link disparate patient records and enhance patient profiles, while reducing fraud and cyber threats.

LexisNexis offers a full suite of identity management solutions that integrate seamlessly within existing workflows and platforms to allow providers to focus on what they do best—care for their patients.

Link medical records and enhance patient profiles

Continually update patient records with the latest demographic information. 

Verify patient identities and increase security

Confirm patient identities online portal or in-person and protect information being accessed through multiple devices.

Predict 30-day Hospital Readmissions

Leverage hundreds of socioeconomic data attributes derived from public and proprietary records to better predict readmission compared to models that use only clinical data.

Improve patient engagement

Reach patients with confidence and reduce administrative costs for undeliverable mail and wrong phone numbers.

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Mitigate Hospital Readmission Risk

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White Paper

Patient Identity Management: A Dose of Patient-Friendly Security for Medical Providers

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LexID® for Patient Matching

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Butler Health Conquers Patient Matching Challenge

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LexisNexis Assists Hospitals in Predicting Readmissions with Non-clinical Data

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