Integrated Servicing and Recovery Strategies


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Leverage alternative data insights to build your servicing and recovery strategy

Be proactive in identifying those accounts in your portfolio that could be headed for default. Alternative data can provide actionable insights into a consumer’s financial health.
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Leverage Alternative Data to Improve Consumer Portfolio Performance

Recognize shifting portfolio risk and be proactive to prevent delinquency

Inflation and rising interest rates can trigger an economic downturn. Suddenly, consumer delinquencies increase across all markets, especially subprime sectors. How can you be proactive in identifying those accounts that need your help to avoid default, especially when traditional credit reports fail to paint a more complete picture of the consumer?

Previously untapped alternative data – such as short-term lending activity, lien/judgment records, property ownership, and education and professional licenses records – can add value to a consumer’s profile and help you get ahead of evolving portfolio credit risk. By leveraging alternative data insights, you get a more comprehensive view of the consumer. You’re able to develop an integrated servicing and recovery strategy that supports consumers adversely affected by economic trends. Proactive outreach and early-stage mitigation activities can be essential to rehabilitating consumers and minimizing loss.

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