Customer Success Story: Delivering ROI With De-Identified Medical Claims Data

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Read How Doximity Leveraged LexisNexis® MarketView™ to Better Quantify Value for its Hospital Clients

De-Identified Medical Claims Data

Doximity, the leading digital platform for U.S. medical professionals, had launched a product helping physicians and health systems build and nurture professional referral relationships. A more interconnected community of regional physicians could better direct patients to expert care best suited to their needs.

The company wanted to empower its hospital partners with measurable return on investment (ROI) information on the effectiveness of these programs and their strengthened physician-to-physician networks. Doximity sought to do this by identifying the referring network prior to the marketing program, then comparing this to the referral network following the program. In order to achieve this, Doximity sought comprehensive and near-real time medical claims data.

Doximity’s search led them to LexisNexis® Risk Solutions who helped address this challenge with its de-identified medical claims-based intelligence, MarketView™.

“We sought a claims partner with downstream, in-house data who could view the positive impact of a better-connected physician community, and help us demonstrate the potential of our programs,” stated John Schoenleber, Director of Product Management, Doximity.

An Ever-Growing Relationship

Doximity has been a LexisNexis MarketView customer since 2018, and the relationship has since expanded. The scope of the work began with LexisNexis Risk Solutions running individual studies for specific hospital marketing programs to support how Doximity engages with its hospital partners.

In the summer of 2021, Doximity shared that they wanted to develop a more robust, scalable ROI model to run reports for even more of its clients. Doximity worked with a cross-section of the LexisNexis Risk Solutions organization to develop a custom solution that would provide not only additional fidelity, but also increased flexibility, which ultimately exceeded Doximity’s needs.

“The representatives we worked with over the past three years have all been eager to find a solution that was relatively easy for us to implement,” shared Schoenleber.

MarketView Data Continues to Empower Business Insights and Client Retention

Simply put, Doximity leverages LexisNexis Risk Solutions MarketView data to identify net new shared patient relationships for its medical professionals (i.e., Dr. X shared 30 patients with Dr. Y).

“Over the past few years, we have presented these ROI reports to dozens of hospital partners,” said Schoenleber. “This type of analysis is fairly unique, and hospital marketers benefit from seeing the downstream benefit of the program. Tying marketing efforts to revenue can be difficult, but it helps demonstrate the value of the program. It is often shared with clients during annual planning and demonstrates the value we deliver beyond the engagement metrics. Additionally, for our organization, it supports our client retention strategy and helps convey the value of the Doximity platform.”

In the full case study, learn even more about two ROI highlights from Doximity’s hospital marketing programs, what it means to select a strategic partner, and gain a more detailed view into the benefits and results that MarketView helps enable.

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