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Real Crimes. Real Results.

From raiding illegal drug labs and solving homicide cases to catching unregistered sex offenders, LexisNexis® Accurint® for Law Enforcement helps more than 4,000 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies across the country quickly drill down on critical data to solve cases faster.

Learn from eight real-life law enforcement scenarios how Accurint for Law Enforcement can help your department or agency efficiently locate people and apprehend suspects, discover covert associations, uncover assets, investigate businesses and much more. 


  • Agencies must track down fugitives, witnesses and suspects who continually evade them.
  • Agencies want to avoid spending unnecessary time and money tracking down deceased witnesses and suspects in cold case investigations.
  • Investigators need access to new information about individuals, relationships and assets in cases with old or incomplete data to help solve cases faster.
  • Police officers want to reduce risk associated with apprehending potentially violent suspects.


  • Use Accurint for Law Enforcement, proven next-generation search technology for quickly analyzing comprehensive information from billions of public records.
  • Leverage Accurint Relative Search to lead to subject’s location.
  • Conduct first name, street address and relative name query to narrow search results using Accurint Advanced Person Search.
  • Link residents and relatives to addresses to better assess risk of approaching a location.
  • Uncover relevant background information and circumstances associated with missing, evasive or hostile individuals.


  • Solve cases faster.
  • Maximize budget and resources.
  • Enhance officer safety.
  • Reduce crime rates.