Data-driven Commercial Insights for Life Sciences

Learn how one pharmaceutical manufacturer used LexisNexis data and machine learning to target sales with precision.

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commercial insightsIn recent years, data-driven commercial insights have transformed commercial functions for life sciences companies by providing salespeople with valuable insights into their customers, streamlining operations and driving decisions about where to focus resources. But what if the data isn’t accurate?

What inefficiencies might be created and opportunities missed if the salespeople are relying on information that’s outdated or incomplete? One pharmaceutical manufacturer—we’ll call them Company X—recently reached out to LexisNexis® to evaluate the quality of their provider data and the strength of their affiliations. What they learned was eye-opening and has prompted them to make significant changes in how they gather and use data in commercial efforts. Using these data-driven commercial insights has transformed their business.

Download this case study today to learn how data-driven commercial insights can help life sciences organizations increase sales, streamline operations and drive better decision making. 

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