Influence Orphan Drug Market Sales Using Data & Analytics

Learn how MarketView Early Alerts generated significant improvements
for key Life Sciences metrics.

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Data and analytics can fuel an increase in sales of lucrative orphan drugs, therapies and devices aimed at rare diseases and disorders. See how one infusion company used MarketView™ Early Alerts to influence treatment decisions.

In a recent 12 week pilot study, a pharmaceutical company gained a competitive advantage in an infused therapy with near real-time medical claims data. The test case involved a high-cost drug regimen for a rare disease. The challenge posed was pinpointing physicians who regularly diagnose and treat patients with the illness.

One pilot participant stated, “We usually blindly go into offices and ask about hypothetical patients they may identify. This program lets you know a patient was diagnosed. It’s good to be able to call on the physician with that information.” 

Download our infographic to see how one company was able to target the right physicians for orphan drugs, therapies and devices sales.


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