Financial crime compliance

Fuel Financial Crime Compliance with Current Sanctions Insight

Find out how one capital markets trading firm grew their global footprint by fortifying financial crime compliance with LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG and LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data.

Automate Sanctions Decisions Across Critical Relationships


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Streamline Financial Crime Compliance with Stronger Sanctions Insight

Financial crime compliance

Streamlined access to global sanctions and PEP intelligence is integral to a stronger financial crime compliance program. By raising visibility into the potential risks tied to customers, vendors and third-parties, your business can prioritize valuable relationships and protect against exposure to costly compliance challenges.

Our case study illustrates how DLX Financial leveraged LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG with LexisNexis® WorldCompliance™ Data to strengthen financial crime compliance, expand visibility into sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) risk and capitalize on global growth opportunities.

DLX Financial is a leading capital markets trading firm that specializes in the niche of U.S. Dollars/Mexican Pesos (USD/MXN). The case study details how DLX needed a solution that enabled them to expand risk transparency across their global relationships and strategically strengthen compliance with evolving sanctions and regulatory requirements. Some of the main goals DLX Financial wanted to achieve in their financial crime compliance strategy were:

  • Raise the caliber of their financial crime compliance program
  • Augment and better automate their current due diligence workflow processes
  • Strengthen access to comprehensive and up-to-date global sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons intelligence
  • Support business growth opportunities across their expansive international customer base

Our case study details how Bridger Insight XG with WorldCompliance Data easily integrated into DLX Financial’s day-to-day operations and financial crime compliance workflows with minimal disruptions to both their business operations and the customer experience. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provided the level of expanded risk intelligence DLX Financial needed to fully evaluate its clients, vendors and third parties. DLX Financial was able to significantly raise their risk visibility into sanctions and PEP risks while facilitating a more streamlined and fortified financial crime compliance program with features that included:

  • Comprehensive financial crime compliance screening data
  • Industry-preferred screening technology
  • Best-in-class matching algorithm
  • Extensive coverage of global sanctions, enforcement actions, PEPs, State-Owned Enterprises (SOE), registration lists and adverse media
  • Robust reporting capabilities

Bridger Insight XG with WorldCompliance Data delivered the risk intelligence and tools that enabled DLX Financial to confidently capitalize on global growth opportunities. Our case study illustrates how Bridger Insight XG with WorldCompliance Data delivered access to robust and recent sanctions and PEP intelligence which allowed DLX Financial to augment their financial crime compliance program and accelerate risk management decisions at a pace that complemented global business growth:

  • Increased risk transparency
  • Automated and streamlined initial screening and ongoing monitoring workflows
  • Reduced decisioning delays and friction
  • Reinforced controls and policies that guide risk management across global relationships
  • Created an audit trail for clients and regulators
  • Strengthened DLX Financial’s reputation among financial services clients
  • Captured competitive advantages

How can you reinforce your financial crime compliance strategy, avoid sanctions risk across critical relationships and support stronger revenue generation? Explore this case study to learn more.

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