University of Utah Health Improves Provider Data Accuracy for
Meaningful Use

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provider data accuracy

Using LexisNexis Provider Data Intelligence Suite, University of Utah Health strengthens referring partner relationships.

The University of Utah Health is staffed by more than 1,000 board-certified physicians trained in over 200 medical specialties and receives thousands of patient referrals each year. Without a complete and accurate provider directory, there were often breakdowns in communications with referring physicians.

In an effort to elevate the partnership between the medical center and physicians, the University of Utah medical center turned to LexisNexis and the Provider Data Masterfile™ solution to improve provider data accuracy, eliminating redundancy and reducing costs.

The University of Utah Health chose LexisNexis Provider MasterFile to meet its goals of transitioning patients more efficiently and helping themselves and their referring partners meet Meaningful Use (MU) Transition of Care objects. Learn how your healthcare organization can meet similar goals, while improving the quality of your provider directory.

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