FCC Trends 2024

Top Financial Compliance Trends to Watch For in 2024

7 Trends that will Shape the Financial Crime Compliance Landscape in 2024.

2024 Financial Crime Compliance Trends


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Top 7 Trends Shaping the Financial Crime Compliance Landscape in 2024

FCC Trends 2024
The increasingly complex and interconnected world is reflected in a compliance landscape that is undergoing a significant transformation.

The challenges are manifold: From balancing customer expectations with compliance mandates to harnessing the power of big data and emerging technologies. At the same time, the mysteries of ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and the intricacies of international trade and sanctions loom large. 

These and other challenges will continue to add layers of complexity to compliance as the year unfolds. Here are our predictions for the top financial crime compliance trends to watch in 2024:

  1. Rising Compliance Costs Intensify the Quest for Balance
  2.  UBOs Get Unmasked
  3. Real-time Monitoring Provides the Rudder for Navigating Trade Compliance
  4. Shifting Sanctions and Regulations Drive the Need for Dynamic Compliance
  5. Data and Analytics Take the Lead as Strategic Assets
  6. Compliance Investment Points to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  7. Wildlife Trafficking Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels
Download the infographic to get more insight on each trend that may impact your business in 2024.

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