True Cost of Financial Crime Compliance Study 2023: U.S. & Canada


Understand How Rising Costs are Reshaping the Future of Financial Crime Compliance

While digital transformation has ushered in growth opportunities, it has also exposed institutions to higher risk of financial crimes. This, coupled with rising customer expectations, creates a broad spectrum of challenges.

“With 98% of institutions reporting increased financial crime compliance (FCC) costs, the economic pressures are undeniable.”1

Financial institutions are facing the need to re-evaluate their FCC processes, and focusing on the customer experience is key. By embracing new technologies, there is an opportunity to evolve FCC to achieve sustainable growth while also meeting applicable FCC requirements.

Explore the study to learn more about the key challenges facing institutions, as well as key opportunities to evolve the future. This is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

1. True Cost Of Financial Crime Compliance Study, 2023: U.S. and Canada

Download the True Cost of Financial Crime Study, 2023: U.S. and Canada Edition 

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