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Seamlessly Screen High Volumes of Transactions

Automate your screening process and achieve lower false positive rates.

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An unrelenting surge in real-time transactions keeps money moving and settling faster than ever before. Financial institutions must be able to handle the high volume but still remain compliant.

You’re responsible for executing rigorous transaction screening while staying abreast of ongoing sanction list updates and global regulatory requirements. Add in customer expectations for a frictionless experience, and you shoulder a heavy load.
LexisNexis® Firco Continuity makes it easy for you to maintain a high straight-through processing (STP) rate without putting your organization at financial and reputational risk.


Firco Continuity is a seamless, real-time screening solution that allows you to handle large volumes of transactions without slowing down or risking regulatory action. It offers:

  • Effectiveness – Configure the solution to meet your specific organizational structure and risk appetite, with maximum screening precision to raise all relevant hits
  • Efficiency – Achieve lower false positive rates with intelligent matching solutions, reducing manual intervention and costs
  • Explainability – Demonstrate your compliance policy in action to regulators and auditors 


Firco Continuity is flexible and configurable to function with different data systems, compliance teams and workflows across institutions. It easily integrates with a wide range of organizations and IT environments without custom programming.

  • Achieve lower false positive rates with enhancements that deliver better matching
  • Choose from a wide range of lists and data points to enrich the depth of insight
  • Ensure decision-making is based on the latest and most comprehensive data
Firco solutions have been awarded the SWIFT Alliance Screening Add-on Label since 2001.

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