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The Future of Transaction Screening is Here

Take control and reduce your compliance burden with real-time transaction screening.
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Powerful Screening, Flexibility and Accuracy

Take Control and Reduce Your Compliance Burden with Real-Time Transaction Screening

Geopolitics, record surges in sanctions and more intense regulatory scrutiny mean the landscape compliance professionals must navigate has never been more complex. These pressures combined with new ISO payment formats, faster payments, increasing transaction volumes and fintech disruption are adding pressure to already overstretched compliance teams.

Financial crime compliance professionals need the confidence to conduct business and pursue growth opportunities with the certainty that their organization is protected from regulatory risk and reputational damage, without compromising on customer experience and speed. Meeting these seemingly conflicting requirements of compliance and speed can be a significant challenge.

Businesses need a powerful screening solution which reduces their compliance burden and helps to control costs, while meeting regulator requirements.

Used by 8 of the World’s Top 10 Banks1

Eight of the top ten banks of the world
1. Based on top bank data from LexisNexis® Bankers Almanac® Counterparty KYC, as of January 30, 2023. Includes U.S. subsidiaries.

Introducing the New and Enhanced LexisNexis® Firco™ Continuity

Firco™ Continuity is a leading transaction screening solution trusted by financial institutions and other businesses around the world. It is a complete and scalable real-time transaction screening solution which enables businesses to ensure sanctions compliance and establish readiness for regulatory scrutiny. It provides businesses with an end-to-end solution from the preparation of data to auditing of transaction screening, including filtering and alert remediation. Enhanced traceability allows you to quickly answer regulators' questions on past alert decisioning.

Designed with speed, accuracy, flexibility and configurability in mind, Firco Continuity is available on cloud or on-premise, easily integrating with existing IT systems, and is supported by technologies that enable optimal performance and scalability.

Proactively Anticipate Challenges and Lower the Overall Cost of Compliance from the Start

With knowledge gained from global Firco Continuity deployments for nearly 30 years, our Professional Services team offers the expertise to proactively anticipate challenges and tailor a design and implementation strategy that addresses your business-specific objectives at every point:

Firco Continuity implementation service – gears

Implementation Services

Firco Continuity support service – support person

Go-live and
ongoing support

Firco Continuity configuration and optimization services

Configuration and
optimization services

Firco Continuity user training services

user training

Empower Your Team with Expertise in Firco Academy

Welcome to the Firco™ Academy

Discover the power of LexisNexis® Firco™ Continuity with LexisNexis Risk Solutions Firco™ Academy. Our comprehensive e-learning courses are designed to equip Firco Continuity users with the skills they need to excel and become certified professionals. Our business certification programs validate your knowledge, ensuring proficiency with Firco Continuity.
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Why Choose Firco Academy?

Learn Anywhere, Anytime: Access high-quality Firco™ e-learning courses at your own pace.

Comprehensive Training: Our courses blend theory and hands-on exercises for a thorough grasp of Firco Continuity.

Unlimited Access: An annual subscription provides unrestricted access to complete courses at any time during the subscription, with immediate access for unlimited users.

Get Certified: Showcase proficiency with our certification exams for specific organizational roles such as Operators, Administrators, and the Operations team. 

Please see the Firco Academy Brochure for more information on course pathways and full details of core certification tracks.

Who Should Enroll?

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your team's expertise, our curriculum is essential for:

Stay Updated

Receive reports on certifications achieved to keep your organization updated on your teams learning and certification progress.

Ready to Elevate Your Skillset?

Join Firco Academy today and unlock a world of opportunities with Firco Continuity.

Begin your journey towards Firco mastery. Click Learn More and complete the form to download the brochure and be contacted by one of our experts.

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The Future of Transaction Screening is Here

Flexible – on cloud or on-premise, to suit your needs
and data residency requirements
Scalable transaction screening icon - cubes

Scalable – support future business growth with 24/7 real-time screening, and the ability to screen millions
of messages every hour

Configurable – with more than 40 algorithms, 15 advanced and optional modules and multiple linguistic capabilities, Firco Continuity can be tailored to suit your requirements, geography and risk appetite

Streamline Your Business’s Transaction Screening Process

Control Costs While Meeting Regulatory Requirements

The new and enhanced Firco Continuity allows for flexible integration methods, to help control infrastructure costs. A powerful filtering engine and advanced false positive reduction technology reduce the number of alerts requiring manual review, further reducing overall compliance costs. Be ready for regulatory scrutiny with fully traceable, auditable and explainable retrospective proof to auditors and regulators of your compliance policy in action.


Ensure full risk coverage by making sure transaction
screening flags all relevant hits.


Save time, money, and resource by dramatically
reducing the number of false positive hits generated.


Focus on activities and alerts that matter through
clearly identified and prioritized higher risk results.

Advanced and Optional Modules

Firco Continuity has a range of modules that are continuously updated to respond to emerging market and regulatory requirements, improving your transaction screening processes and experience. With more than 15 modules available, you can tailor the solution to meet your exact requirements. Modules include:
  • Cloud Native Deployment: deploys Firco Continuity on cloud infrastructure, making it scalable, elastic and highly available
  • Watchlist Update Manager: translates native watchlists into a Firco compatible format, and tracks all changes for greater transparency and regulator explainability
  • Screening Operations Controller: helps to improve the efficiency of list and rule management and provides visibility of configuration for sanctions and PEP screening
  • Stripping Detector: protects your organization from processing payments that were purposefully altered and detects internal fraud attempts before transactions are processed
firco continuity a Swift compatible application
FircoTM solutions have been awarded the SWIFT Alliance Screening Add-on Label since 2001.

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