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Ready, Set, Go! What You Need To Know To Prepare for ISO 20022

Migrating to the future of payments.

ISO 20022: Migrating to the Future of Payments Messaging


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Charting Your Path to the New Normal in Payment Messaging

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ISO 20022 is around the corner and stands to completely transform the entire payments ecosystem. This new messaging standard from SWIFT will enable interoperability for faster payment processing, greater efficiency, and lower costs. But moving to ISO 20022 standards will take time and effort.

Although it’s been a slow road forward with delays along with way, more than 30 domestic payment systems around the world are planning to implement ISO 20022 messages this year. 

With their richer, structured data, ISO 20022 messages will provide organizations with:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Higher straight-through processing rates
  • Improved transparency for AML and sanctions screening compliance
  • Lower cost of payment processing
  • Enhanced client service

With a go-live date of March 2023 for the start of the migration period to ISO 20022 messages for cross-border payments and reporting, there is no time to wait. You’ll need to act now to get ready.

Download our infographic for more information on the key dates for the ISO 20022 migration.

Download our white paper to learn why ISO 20022 was developed, its impact on the industry, and steps you can take to prepare for the migration.

Key insights:

  • Evolving payment structures
  • Impact on financial institutions
  • Implementation timelines
  • Effective practices for migration
  • Enhancing financial crime screening

Make sure you’re on track to take advantage of the many benefits ISO 20022 offers.

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