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Optimize compliance operations with LexisNexis® Professional Services.

Maximizing the value of any compliance technology solution begins with an implementation strategy specifically tailored to your business objectives.

 The LexisNexis® Professional Services team works with you to design an implementation plan that improves results and investment returns with minimal disruptions to day-to-day business. We work to understand your compliance goals, map and test operations and technology compatibility with our compliance solutions and complete detailed data quality assessment and remediation to support successful implementations.

We offer industry-tested compliance expertise that enables your business to proactively navigate operations and data challenges and ensure your compliance technology solution contributes value to your overall compliance workflow.


  • Ensure a successful implementation
  • Achieve cost efficiencies
  • Assess potential roadblocks from a multi-dimensional risk perspective
  • Improve consistency across critical compliance workflows   
  • Minimize delays related to data quality 
  • Eliminate unexpected integration work and costs
  • Maximize return on investment 


Conduct in-depth operations and compliance risk assessments, backed by the bench strength of our team of experienced compliance professionals.

Improve outcomes by starting with optimal data. Our experts help assess and improve data quality through rigorous processes that focus on reliable screening results: 

  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Remediation
  • Tuning and Optimization
Rely on proven compliance expertise gained from working with leading companies across every industry, including seven of the world's top ten banks.      

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