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Taking the Pulse of Sanctions
January – June 2022

Understanding the Surging Regulatory Landscape


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Sanctions Pulse Infographic Series


sanc·tion | \ ˈsaŋ(k)-shən  \ 
an action that is taken or an order that is given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with that country, by not allowing economic aid for that country, etc.1

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New administrations, new regulations, and ever-changing watchlists; these and other factors are just some of the ongoing challenges compliance professionals face to ensure sanctions compliance. 

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions regularly analyze sanctions data from key regulators to identify trends and changes in policy. Our Sanctions Pulse infographic series outlines key changes in sanctions and watchlist data by numbers and focus areas, and gives insights into where regulators are focusing their attention and how companies need to respond. 

Why is sanctions compliance important?

Sanctions compliance ensures businesses stay on the right side of the law and do not engage with sanctioned entities or individuals - it should form the cornerstone of any compliance program. The LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Sanctions Pulse series is a comprehensive overview of the watchlist changes from major regulators, empowering compliance professions to understand trends and implement a sanctions compliance program suited to the everchanging regulatory environment.

Analyzing the Unprecedented Sanctions Activity

Sanctions activity in 2022 has been at an unprecedented scale and speed due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine. While activity has slowed since the peak in February and March, it remains significantly higher than for the same period in recent years.
“Unprecedented” and Intense pace of list updates throughout H1 2022:
  • 193 updates – more than one update per calendar day
  • 95% increase in the number of list updates compared to H1 2021
  • Dramatic increase in the number of sanctioned persons and entities:
    • 3,854 net additions across the four lists (4,057 added; 203 removed)
    • 528% increase in net designations compared to H1 2021
The overwhelming weight of the Russia/Ukraine conflict:
  • 45% of all recorded list updates related to Russia/Ukraine related sanctions programs
  • 90%+ of new designations related to Russia/Ukraine related sanctions programs
  • No UN Sanctions response to the Russia/Ukraine conflict
Other emergencies continued to trigger sanctions designations:
  • Continued sanctions activity for tackling terrorist groups globally
  • The situation in North Korea and Myanmar triggered sanctions responses
  • Beyond terrorism, global issues such as cybercrime, weapons of mass destruction
  • Weapons of mass destruction proliferation, corruption, and human rights abuses continued to prompt sanctions activity

Download the latest Sanctions Pulse infographic to make sure you are up-to-date with the unprecedented sanctions activity in 2022.

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1. Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Sanction. In dictionary. Retrieved January 18, 2022, from


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