Interactive Checklist: Healthcare Tokenization Technology

Do you have the secure, precise and de-identified patient data you truly need?

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When it comes to tokenization technology, not all are created equal.

If you are currently using a tokenization solution or are evaluating the technology available on the market right now, you should spend some time reviewing how it stacks up against the next-generation of smart tokenization offered by LexisNexis® Gravitas™.

In the asset, you will find information to help you in your decision-making journey when it comes to healthcare tokenization technology. You will find details on various capabilities and characteristics you should look for when it comes to the healthcare token you opt for.


Data Quality
  • Elevated Matching Precision
  • A Single Token Across Disparate Datasets
  • Industry-Leading Core Data Sets With Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Medical Claims, and Mortality Data
Privacy and Security
  • Prioritized and Elevated Data Security with Karlsgate
  • Expert Certified De-Identified Token
Data Accessibility
  • Access to a Premier Real-World Data Network
  • Minimized Integrations
  • Flexibility With Tokenization-as-a-Service
Company Stability and Innovation
  • Award-winning Technology
  • Industry-leading Net Promoter Score
  • Proven History of Identity and Privacy Experience

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