Healthcare Insights Brief: Z-Code Utilization Trends

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Zcode Trends

How often are Z-codes documented?          
Z-codes are a set of ICD-10-CM codes that can be used in any health setting by any provider to report social, economic and environmental determinants known to affect health. This Healthcare Insights brief analyzes more than a billion de-identified medical claims and 170 million patients to uncover the latest Z-code utilization trends.


Download the Brief to Reveal:

  • The small percentage of claims that include a Z-code, and why this is a missed opportunity.
  • The notable increase in Z-code utilization from 2019-2022.
  • The top 5 most frequently documented Z-codes along with the top 5 specialities documenting them, and more.

Why Does This Matter?

Given the limited adoption of Z-codes almost seven years after they have been introduced, it is not feasible or realistic to continue pushing more codes for providers to adopt. However, one of the greatest benefits of Z-codes is their ability to capture individual-level assessments. Geographic-level data does not allow for individual-level outreach or care coordination to address health disparities. There is a need for additional data in the middle of the spectrum. Supplemental patient-level data from organizations like LexisNexis Risk Solutions can help provide baseline SDoH data that supports the delivery of optimal care.


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