Why UBI Mobile Data Validation is Critical

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Driving scores generated by smartphones for telematics programs can vary significantly depending on whether the collected data is scrubbed or not. Find out just how critical it is for insurance carriers to validate UBI.

"Filtering and validation—data scrubbing—is important. This chart will need some explanation, but I promise you it's worth it. The bottom axis shows a driving score, between one and one hundred, with validation—with all of our filters in there. The vertical axis shows the driving score without any validation, as if we just accepted all the data and scored it all.

What we found is that a driving score can vary by plus or minus 47%, depending on whether the data is scrubbed or not. So I would suggest to you that you're better off investing in a random number generator than a telematics program without this.

I think this is why smartphones have got a bit of a bad name for themselves. It's because we don't know the 15 to 20% to not process—to throw away. They can be as good a quality as a black box, or an OBD. However, we've got to be able to discriminate the data cleverly and learn to process it effectively."(Watch video for more...)

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