2022 Auto Insurance Trends Report

by Jane Doe Smith, Data Analyst Specialist, LexisNexis

2022 Auto Insurance
Trends Report

Learn how you can better navigate the ripple effects of changing auto insurance trends
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Is the auto insurance industry undergoing a rebound
or a revolution? 

There is no denying that the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic are not yet fully lost from sight in the rearview mirror. The auto insurance industry continues to navigate the aftermath of pandemic-induced supply shortages, inflation and new driving behaviors.

In this year’s LexisNexis® Auto Insurance Trends Report, we explore the trends that put pressure on the auto insurance policy lifecycle throughout the previous year and share how insurance carriers can better navigate these market stressors moving forward.

Our 2022 Auto Insurance Trends Report shares insights about:

Auto insurance shopping trends as influenced by the new macro environment
The ripple effect of reduced car sales on the adoption of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
The rebound of miles driven and the impact of mileage data for assessing risk
Consumer and insurer sentiments towards telematics usage and adoption
Changes in driving behavior and other trends altering the violation data mix
Factors causing trend shifts in severity and virtual claims processing 
Regulatory environment changes putting pressure on core rating variables

Download the new Auto Insurance Trends Report to get actionable insights that can help you better navigate a myriad of evolving trends impacting your business.

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