The LexisNexis Insurance Demand Meter - Q3 2020

Benchmark your auto shopping data to the industry
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The LexisNexis Insurance Demand Meter:
A Quick Look at Auto Insurance Shopping Trends

To help inform insurer business strategies tied to acquisition and retention trends, LexisNexis Risk Solutions is pleased to offer the Insurance Demand Meter, a quarterly report that provides insights into shopping and switching behavior. Based on billions of shopping transactions, the report offers the most comprehensive view of shopping in the auto insurance market.

Insurance decision makers can draw on this information to benchmark their performance against macro trends pertaining to:

  • Shopping rates
  • Shopping volume
  • New policy growth 

Complete the form to download the report now to stay on top of these and other important auto insurance shopping trends that are impacting your business.

Access Report Here

Q1 2020 - LexisNexis Risk Solutions Insurance Demand Meter ReportQ2 2020 - LexisNexis Risk Solutions Insurance Demand Meter Report

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