Building a Business Case for Healthcare Digital Experience

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A Case for Why You Should Optimize Your Healthcare Digital Experience

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If you’re like many healthcare organizations, you don’t have an unlimited budget. But you realize the importance of providing a great digital experience, from the time a consumer visits your website, signs up to access your portal and takes advantage of the online health management tools you offer. 

An easy-to-use sign-in process is the first step to welcoming consumers and convincing them they made the right choice entrusting their health and well-being to your organization. A great user interface (UI) can accomplish that and more, such as building loyalty for years to come. But there is also the reality of digital security, which necessitates robust online protections for personal data, particularly in health care. So how do you balance the two needs to find the sweet spot? 

Also, how do you build your business case for investing the necessary time and money into an optimal digital experience? Chances are you’ll need to convince some other leaders in your organization that it’s not only the right move, but it’s essential in today’s competitive market. 

There is good news. You don’t have to go it alone. There are vendors with expertise in creating and maintaining a superior digital experience that can help.

One approach is to focus on key experiences that are the initial entry to your digital front door and the repeated experience like logins. A bad front door experience will result in new account registration failures and failure of people to return for subsequent logins. An estimated 88% of consumers who have a bad online experience won’t return to a website.1 

A successful digital experience not only helps consumers — it can also benefit your company. In many cases, it drives down administrative costs, handles many routine tasks that free up physician, pharmacist and staff time, and boosts consumer engagement and satisfaction. 

Your initiative to optimize consumer digital interactions is also a good time to check on your security measures. Online attacks are increasing in both frequency and sophistication.2 One estimate is cyberattacks on healthcare organizations have jumped nearly 54% since 2020.3

Read the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Healthcare e-book “Building an Effective Healthcare Digital Experience Business Case” for more guidance. The e-book includes a handy five-step strategy to help you get started. 

The steps include how to:

  1. Identify your organization’s 
  2. Define your consumer digital experience
  3. Identify Metrics that Matter, Align With Stakeholders
  4. Estimate your cost/benefits of improved digital
  5. Start With Some Wins

So there are multiple factors to include in your business case. As you explore the priorities of our security team and your customer-facing teams, consider the costs of cyberattacks and data breaches versus shoring up your defenses in advance. The e-book contrasts these costs based on published evidence.

Learn why it’s important to think beyond the acute recovery from a breach or cyberattack. There can be substantial costs in terms of your reputation and the cost to replace consumers who lose trust in your technology and digital platforms. Find out what percentage of payers experiencing a breach say they lost members as a result, and the approximate financial cost of bringing in each new member afterwards. 

The e-book also highlights why it’s important not to try to enact every part of your plan to boost your consumer digital experience all at once. Start with some smaller wins, areas where you can make some significant improvements at lower costs.

Remember that your consumer digital experience and security do not have to be in conflict. Data solutions can help you deliver a near-frictionless consumer digital experience while getting the level of security you need. A strong business case is essential for moving the needle forward on an optimal digital experience.

To learn more about identity verification solutions that can support your digital experience initiative, read the e-book, “Building an Effective Healthcare Digital Experience Business Case”.


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