Detect Homestead Exemption Fraud and Boost Tax Revenue for Your Agency

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Local governments can lose up to millions of dollars each year from fraudulent claims for homestead exemption tax relief

Non-Detection Can be Very Taxing

Unfortunately, fraudsters are either claiming multiple exemptions or claiming an exemption on a home that is not their primary residence. Many local governments don’t have access to the technology to share data and communicate with each other, so fraud can go undetected. Over time this type of fraud can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and result in tax increases that law-abiding residents have to pay.

We Have an Answer

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Homestead Exemption Fraud Detection is an ongoing data solution that can help you identify and collect taxes from individuals that are defrauding the system. Our solution makes it easy for you to submit batches of data with minimal basic input information.

Our team understands the unique challenges your agency faces. Download our Homestead Exemption brochure to find how our search technology, advanced analytics and essential decision-making
Information can help you!
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