The Top Three Health Reimbursement Insights Your Data Offers

Health Reimbursement insights can provide more efficient and intelligent growth for market expansion.

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The commitment to value-based care and the patient-centric approach have revolutionized the delivery of healthcare in our country. Value-based payments have shifted the focus to accountability for both quality and cost of care. Because of this, data insights can be derived from medical claims data and health reimbursement rates to shed light on the competitive landscape and help inform expansion strategies.
MarketView Reimbursement Insights reveals the amounts insurers paid, reported at the payer/provider level, and can be customized to specific service lines defined by ICD10 and HCPCS codes. The data isn’t based on health reimbursement rate estimates. It’s derived from actual remitted claims, allowing for highly accurate, data-supported decisions.
Through these health reimbursement insights, you can improve strategic planning for market expansion, benchmark prices for procedures and identify providers referring outside of your system and network. These insights will provide your hospital or health system an unprecedented panoramic view of the provider landscape. This will help reduce costs and optimize commercial strategies.
If you are interested in maximizing reimbursement insights for your hospital or health system, download our brochure to find out more about the benefits of this solution.

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