Help Your Members:
Provide Quality Improvement Initiatives Before It's Too Late

Combining social determinants of health data with existing care management programs can improve their effectiveness.

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Now is the time for health plans to invest in tools to bolster strategic population health management quality improvement (QI) initiatives.

quality improvementMuch about life as we knew it has changed in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have made efforts to stay home as much as possible in order to protect ourselves and others. One of the unfortunate and concerning side effects of staying home to avoid exposure to the virus has been the resulting number of missed healthcare tests and screenings for chronic conditions. Many of the impacts of health conditions such as COPD, diabetes and heart disease can be mitigated with early diagnosis, but without being able to implement routine clinical care, your members may experience worse health outcomes in the long run.

Now is a crucial time for health plans to implement quality improvement tools that use data and analytics to help improve patient outreach and predict which patients within your member populations may need additional healthcare intervention or care prioritization. Taking these steps toward quality improvement can also directly effect HEDIS and Star measures.

COVID-19 is affecting members' long-term health outcomes in other ways too. Many of your members may have experienced job loss, financial strain and social isolation to name a few. Without proper care coordination, these social determinants of health indicators become barriers to healthcare improvement, making now an ideal time to review the steps your health plan can take toward quality improvement planning.

Additionally, patient data, which already fluctuates at a swift rate, has begun to change even more quickly as a result of so many Americans changing locations. This poses a challenge to your ability to maintain routine communications, to share new information and resources with members, and to implement care improvement programs.

Bolster your healthcare organization’s population health management program and quality improvement initiatives with accurate member contact data and insightful social determinants data that can strengthen your current efforts. Download the white paper to learn more. You can find additional resources and guidelines on using data and analytics for QI initiatives below.

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