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We want to recognize the great work out customers are doing to make communities safer. Share your successes and show other agencies how you use public records and data sharing to locate subjects, solve crimes, or be more efficient in pursuing your agencies mission. 

Add your pin to the map! Submit your successes, big or small, by using the form to the right so we can share your accomplishment with our law enforcement community. If your agency participates, you will have complete control over all text and images used and nothing will be posted without your written approval. Thanks for sharing!

Law Enforcement Customer Testimonial

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Westbrook Police Department
Westbrook, ME

"We switched from Clear because we had some officers that had used Accurint in the past, when they were assigned to a task force or worked for another department. They all advocated strongly for Accurint. We did the free trial, and it was quickly apparent that Accurint was a much more powerful tool than Clear. We received a lot more data with Accurint than we did with Clear, and the data was more recent too. We have used it recently to help with identifying suspected human traffickers and in furthering a rape investigation.”

- Captain Steven Goldberg, Westbrook Police Department, Westbrook ME

Rochester Police Department
Rochester, NH

"A man responded to a Craig’s list ad for an SUV for sale and after tricking the owner to go inside their house, drove away without paying. The victim only had a first name and phone number and the investigating officer was unable to identify the man on this alone. Using Accurint Virtual Crime Center, I was able to identify the owner of the phone number with the matching name in Manchester, NH. During the investigation the stolen vehicle was destroyed and abandoned in Manchester, within blocks of the subjects address. After the vehicle was found by police, the subjects associates offered full payment to the owner and the information about the case was provided to Manchester Police Department for further investigation."

-Steve Kerlee, Rochester Police Department, Rochester NH

Ridgeland Police Department
Ridgeland, MS

Rochester Police Department
Rochester, NH

"After a disgruntled man called in a bomb threat to a local collections agency, the investigating officer had only a Maine phone number and was unsuccessful in tracing the owner of the phone. By using Accurint Virtual Crime Center I was able to identify the owner of the phone number. The subject was contacted by the agency and admitted that he made the threat out of frustration of not being able to pay his bills. The caller received a warning for his actions because the investigation revealed no credible threat, and the company did not wish to press charges."

-Steve Kerlee, Rochester Police Department, Rochester NH

Oxnard Police Department
Oxnard, CA

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