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Streamline Blue Sky Compliance and Strengthen Go-to-Market Efficiency 

LexisNexis® Blue Sky Solution™ combines the power of industry-leading technology and proven blue sky compliance expertise to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your blue sky compliance program. Simplify blue sky compliance and streamline go-to-market activities with our integrated SaaS platform that automates compliance with required state-by-state filing responsibilities and supports sales data-feed integration from service providers.


Blue Sky Solution™ is available as a standalone licensed solution or as part of our full-service outsourcing solution. The solution is easy to deploy and efficient to use and enables businesses to: 

  • Realize significant savings on infrastructure costs, hardware, maintenance and ongoing IT support with our new, easy-to-utilize SaaS model.
  • Automate and track associated tasks with calendar work items and sales warnings backed by alerts and project due dates.
  • Streamline core processes through a brand-new user interface that facilitates the efficient review and resolution of sales feed and processing exceptions and features automated archiving of historical changes.
  • Maintain more up-to-date data and information through project summaries and easily update filings in bulk edit mode to support last-minute changes to fund names or SEC effective dates, as well as sales adjustments and exemption amounts.
  • Connect to immediate intelligence around status updates, sales activity, upcoming filing deadlines, ongoing monitoring and more with our revamped reporting module featuring an extended suite of reports in Microsoft® Excel® format.

Trusted in the most demanding environments

Blue Sky Solution is the compliance platform of choice for the largest mutual fund companies and third-party administrators in the country. Our integrated platform supports confident compliance operations for law firms, transfer agents and fund administrators.  Blue Sky Solution is a multi-tenancy solution that facilitates secure and direct access for your clients to their near real-time information through a robust client portal. Provide more complete transparency to your clients’ blue sky data and support client-specific requirements with our easy-to-utilize client portal.


Capture the advantage of end-to-end blue sky efficiencies. Blue Sky Solution enables your business to confidently accelerate and automate core compliance, sales monitoring and reporting and filing processes. 

More Accuracy from Day One: Our solution is delivered with your fund information, state permit data, historical sales data and state-by-state filing requirements. Our blue sky compliance experts audit your data, highlight any issues and work with you to help correct data inconsistencies prior to production implementation.
Tighter Oversight and Transparency: Online review and approval processes provide management controls, promote accuracy and help ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures. Exception and warning reports support timely compliance with reporting and filing deadlines. 

Easy Automation:  Blue Sky Solution imports data files from fund transfer agents, broker-dealers and record-keeping platforms to support automated sales monitoring and reporting. It features graphical and numerical data analysis tools that call attention to potential sales issues or anomalous sales, ensuring more accurate reporting and mitigating over-payment of fees.

Expedited Electronic Filing: Requests for new product filings can be addressed within hours rather than days or weeks. Blue Sky Solution directly interfaces with both the BlueExpress Manager and the NASAA EFD electronic filing platforms and seamlessly supports electronic filing with states offering e-filing programs. ACH payments are easy with the built-in export feature that creates a payment file in NACHA compliant format.

Minimize Expenses and Control Costs: Blue Sky Solution stores daily sales information at the fund/state/data provider/social code level. Firms can quickly identify large daily sales that may be eligible for transactional exemptions and can configure settings for the automatic exclusion of sales to existing shareholders (SES exemption), thereby helping to reduce reportable sales and corresponding fees. Exemptions are identified by type of exemption in the “Sales Journal” facilitating analysis and calculation of cost savings.

Increase insight and gain peace of mind with improved visibility across your end-to-end blue sky operations. Automate blue sky compliance and accelerate core securities filing activities with LexisNexis Blue Sky Solution.

Get it now: For more information about LexisNexis Blue Sky Solution, call 1-800-953-2877.

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