LexisNexis® Drive Optics

Everything you need to assess driving risk, all in one place

LexisNexis® Drive Optics


Key Benefits of This Suite of Solutions


Holistic view of
driving-related risk

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Improved accuracy

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Faster and better

Drive optics experience

Heightened customer

Driving Risk: Violations

A comprehensive suite of solutions that provides thorough violation information to better underwrite risk
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LexisNexis® Driving Behavior 360

Gain greater visibility into driving records, better assess risk and capture otherwise missed premiums.
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LexisNexis® Activity Files

Minimize unnecessary orders and underwrite more economically.
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LexisNexis® Violation Intelligence

Find violations on drivers while mitigating your registry costs.
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LexisNexis® Motor Vehicle Records

Access streamlined, centralized and consistent MVR reporting across all 50 states.

Vehicle Risk

Enhanced and detailed vehicle-related information - including features such as connected mileage and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) - for more accurate
rating and underwriting

LexisNexis® Vehicle Build

Incorporate more detailed data on vehicle safety features than currently available at the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) level.

LexisNexis® Vehicle History

Access robust vehicle history and mileage information and easily incorporate into existing workflows.

Driving Risk: Telematics

The LexisNexis® Telematics solutions give insurers access to the next generation of telematics data in a normalized format to help drive improved decision making and a more personalized customer experience

Leverage Multisource Telematics Data

LexisNexis® Telematics OnDemand

Unlock the power of telematics data as early as point of quote, not just renewal.

LexisNexis Lead Generation

Direct access to prospective customers who meet your target parameters based on near real-time driving data.

Coming Soon

Create Your Own Telematics Program

LexisNexis® Telematics App

Launch a telematics-driven Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) program through our ready-to-deploy app configured to your brand.

LexisNexis® Telematics SDK

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to quickly integrate core telematics data into your existing app.