LexisNexis® Vehicle History

Incorporate enhanced vehicle-related information into your rating and underwriting workflows.

Know your customer. And your customer's vehicle, too.

Gather the important vehicle-related information you need while
maintaining a streamlined quoting process for your
customers with LexisNexis® Vehicle History.

Insurers have focused heavily on events in a consumer’s past, but have paid less attention to the experiences of the vehicle itself. In the same way credit history is predictive of future behavior, the vehicle’s history can be predictive of future loss. LexisNexis Vehicle History provides additional vehicle-related information that can be incorporated into rating and underwriting workflows for increased accuracy. 

More Information

Vehicle History Reports


  • Provides carriers with insights on annual mileage, a sought-after data point
  • Integrates seamlessly with LexisNexis Auto Data Prefill (ADPF)
  • May include branded title events and accompanying reason descriptions
  • Historical crash and auction events provide additional vehicle-level insight


• Vehicle Modeled Annual Mileage
• Vehicle Blended Annual Mileage*
• Vehicle Current Owner Annual Mileage
• Most Recent Purchase Date
• Number of Owners
• Branded Title with Reasons
• Total Loss/Salvage
• Severe Accident
• Major Damage Incident
• Minor Damage Incident
• Taxi Use
• Rental Use

*Blended mileage uses a combination of modeled mileage and known mileage readings.


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