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Gain Identity and Email Insight with Expanded Email Search

Connect to consumers with confidence with industry-leading intelligence.

Collecting, confirming and maintaining contact information is a vital part of every consumer-based business. Yet consumers are often less willing to answer phone calls from unknown contacts and direct mail is expensive. LexisNexis® Email Search confirms the connection between an email and an identity to help your business increase audiences, maintain communications and avoid fraudulent bad actors.


Connect to consumers with greater precision

LexisNexis® Email Search combines billions of public and proprietary emails, identity, phone and relationship records with our industry-proven technology, LexID®, to quickly connect consumer identities to email addresses.

Minimize exposure to risk and stay in compliance

Evaluate connections and relationships between email addresses and consumer identities. Provide a consumer’s identity to receive email addresses linked to that consumer. Or conversely provide a known email address to receive identities linked to that email.

Understand whether an email address is work or personal

New regulations around collection efforts have created a need for businesses to understand whether an email is likely to reach consumers at their place of employment. Add Work Email Score to your searches to assess the likelihood that an email will reach a consumer at their place of employment.

Maximize the returns of your outreach efforts

Current technology makes it easy for consumers to screen and ignore their calls. Increase your audience by following their preferences for digital communication to build and nurture the consumer relationship.

Choose the Email Search tier that works best for you

Basic:  Access LexisNexis email, identity and relationship data

Premium: Access LexisNexis email, identity and relationship data, plus premium gateway sources for additional insight into the strength and viability of the email address in question.


LexisNexis Email Search helps refine communication and marketing outreach efforts by returning any or all of the following details, depending on the platform and search tier you select:

  • Email address: As originally reported and a cleaned version 
  • Identity details: Name, address and LexID associated with the email address (as originally reported, cleaned and LexisNexis “best”) 
  • Email attributes: Including related IP address, web site, dates first and last seen, etc. 
  • Work Email Score: Evaluate the likelihood an email will reach consumers at their place of employment 
  • Association details: Number of identities associated to the email address and number of email addresses associated to the identity 
  • Relationship: Of the identity reported with the email address to the identity provided on customer input 
  • Deliverable status: For email address (i.e., valid, invalid) and related error codes when invalid (email address invalid, email account invalid, email domain invalid)

Email Search is available across most LexisNexis® Risk Solutions delivery platforms including online, batch and API.

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