Emailage for Insurance

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Emailage® for Insurance

Manage identity fraud with email intelligence across your insurance enterprise.
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LexisNexis® Emailage®


Fight Fraud Without Adding Friction

Email intelligence as a layer of defense to insurance fraud

Insurance carriers like you have to balance fraud prevention with supporting the friction-less transaction experiences consumers demand today. To achieve this, your team needs dynamic, global tools that evolve as fast as fraud tactics.

The email address is the global common denominator for doing business online. Whether it’s a new insurance policy, renewals, claims adjustments or any type of digital transaction, an email address is part of the process. Now you can add email intelligence as a layer of defense to insurance fraud prevention.

How Emailage for Insurance Works

Using a patented, proprietary analytic approach, LexisNexis® Emailage® for Insurance reimagines fraud detection by utilizing email intelligence as a core risk identifier to deliver a holistic email risk score and confidence analysis during various stages of the insurance process.

The Emailage Difference

Emailage empowers you to make confident risk assessments and online identity validation using digital insights:

  • Holistic email risk score and confidence analysis
  • Global network digital insights
  • Machine Learning models refreshed weekly
  • Customized models at network, industry and company levels

Our Unique Approach

  • Email is the unique global identifier – Email is at the heart of our solutions because it’s the universal key to all digital engagement and transactions in every industry, everywhere.
  • The network effect - Fueled by global digital insights and shared transaction history, our global network gives you risk decision confidence that’s always improving. With more than 5.9 billion digital identifiers in the network, Emailage brings together physical data, digital data and dynamic fraud signals creating a holistic view of who is really behind the transaction.
  • Active intelligence - Our technology combines advanced analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence and real transaction outcomes.

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