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Optimize your resources and get data and analytics visualizations today.

LexisNexis® Coplogic™ Solutions 


Manually locating, printing and delivering crash reports is a cumbersome process. It requires time, effort and resources, that add to the ongoing pressure to do more with less.

LexisNexis® BuyCrash® helps agencies reduce this administrative burden. The solution also enables crash data and analytics visualizations that can help command staff and their patrol units understand why, when and where crashes are happening in their community so they can get ahead of the problem and save more lives.

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LexisNexis Coplogic Solutions

See how our eCommerce solution can transform community and officer satisfaction. Realize timelier, 24/7 authorized access to reports and fast access to easy-to-understand data visualizations to better allocate resources and save more lives.

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We're committed to helping you harness the power of data visualization to achieve your Vision Zero goals - whether that goal involves a small community, a large city or an entire state.

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Discover data sophistication and the solutions to support your journey to fewer crashes

Coplogic™ Data Sophistication

Advance your traffic safety strategy from reactive to proactive to preventive by improving your level of data sophistication.

Coplogic™ Ethos

Improve officer satisfaction with native mobile field-based reporting and enable comprehensive real-time data and analytics.

Crash Mapper and Dashboards

Inform traffic decisions with fast access to maps and illustrated dashboard views of crash hotspots and trends.