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ThreatMetrix® for Insurance Quotes – Insurance Bot Detection

Bringing seamless bot detection into digital insurance quote workflows

Guard the gate against bots

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® for Insurance Quotes is a streamlined solution that brings seamless bot detection into insurers’ digital quote workflows. It combines digital identity insights built from billions of transactions, collected by the LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®, with analytics technology and embedded machine learning to provide a critical defense against bots. Thanks to its ease of implementation, tailored use case and intuitive capabilities, ThreatMetrix for Insurance Quotes can be quickly ready to help insurance carriers differentiate bots from humans. 

Insurance carrier-quoting websites are among the top targets for sophisticated fraudsters and their bots. Cybercriminals use them to gain access to consumer data. They’re constantly refining their tactics, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish genuine prospect and customer traffic from malicious visits.

It’s critical to be able to quickly evaluate applicants and their authenticity without causing friction. Catching bots at first point of contact helps prevent data harvesting which leads to fraudulent activity.

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Here’s how ThreatMetrix for Insurance Quotes works:

Behind the scenes, the insurance bot solution will profile the devices consumers are using to interact with your quoting webpage. By evaluating risk associated with the device along with identifying the unique digital identity associated with it, ThreatMetrix for Insurance Quotes returns a risk score that indicates the likelihood of bot activity in real-time.

With ThreatMetrix for Insurance Quotes, you’re able to:

  • Quickly assess if a transaction is a bot or legitimate consumer at point of quote.
  • Evaluate devices visiting your website without adding friction to the experience. 
  • Identify data-harvesting bot attacks and steward your consumer’s personal data. 
  • Provide quotes with the confidence you’re interacting with genuine prospects, not bots.

Have the ability to differentiate between legitimate customers and bots seeking consumer data for fraudulent activity.

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