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Balance an effective ABC compliance program with primary business objectives

Higher levels of cross-jurisdictional cooperation and an increase in whistleblower activity have contributed to significant growth in the scope and size of Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) enforcements. As your business faces stronger levels of scrutiny and more complex global regulations, the imperative for avoiding an enforcement is stronger than ever. The consequences for failing to prevent bribery and corruption across your relationships with customers, vendors and other third-parties create a long-term threat to business sustainability.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers intelligent anti-bribery and corruption solutions that help your business proactively strengthen ABC compliance, automate due diligence workflows and stay focused on core business objectives.

Maximize ABC compliance initiatives and minimize bribery and corruption risk

We connect your business to industry-recognized risk intelligence and innovative analytics that enable you to quickly clarify relevant bribery and corruption risks across your international relationships with customers, vendors and third-party suppliers. By delivering relevant global risk insights that support well-informed decisions, our structured ABC solutions help fortify compliance with anti-bribery acts and anti-corruption regulations, including:

  • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
  • United Kingdom (UK) Bribery Act
  • Modern Slavery Act, UK
  • United Nations Convention against Corruption

Improve global supply chain visibility with structured risk intelligence

Due diligence is only as effective as the data sources you utilize to perform it. Our anti-bribery and anti-corruption solutions are strengthened by LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG with LexisNexis® WorldComplianceTM Data to deliver seamless access to highly relevant, international data detailing high-risk individuals and entities, backed by our global team of proven researchers.

We blend leading technologies with human intelligence to deliver robust, yet structured global risk intelligence in a concise, curated format that can be used to automate decisioning and accelerate critical ABC workflows. Our extensive coverage of comprehensive global risk intelligence is continuously updated to reflect the most recent risk realities so you can maintain a constant focus on ABC prevention and support more effective anti-bribery and corruption compliance. We’ve also been named a Category Winner for Financial Crime Data in Chartis Research’s RiskTech 100 Study.

Increase the efficiency of sanctions and watchlist screening and simplify ongoing monitoring with tailored data segments that deliver authoritative intelligence to fit specific risk-based strategies:

  • State Owned Enterprises: A proprietary list of government-owned and government-linked corporations and businesses, as well as senior employees of those entities.
  • Politically Exposed Persons: A comprehensive database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), as well as those of their family members and associates
  • Adverse Media: An extensive database of profiles that have been linked to illicit activities from over 30,000 news feeds worldwide
  • Sanctions Lists: Information from the most important sanction lists worldwide, including OFAC, EU, UN and HMT. Our OFAC sanctioned lists cover entities with 10% or more ownership.
  • Entities associated with sanctions: Family members and associates of sanctioned entities, branches and operational units of sanctioned banks and entities owned or controlled by subjects sanctioned by OFAC, the European Union or HMT
  • Enforcements Actions: Information from over 1,600 enforcement sources worldwide, such as the FDA, HHS, SEC, FBI and UK FCA
  • Registrations Data: Concentrated coverage of registration lists focused on specific risk and compliance issues built from various government sources

Tailor your ABC compliance program to support specific business priorities

Our industry-trusted anti-bribery and anti-corruption solutions provide cost-effective access to relevant and robust global risk intelligence and industry-preferred tools that support a comprehensive third-party due diligence program tailored to your specific ABC policies. We offer intuitive, flexible tools that seamlessly integrate into your anti-bribery and corruption compliance processes and provide the benefits of industry-recognized global screening coverage and proven filtering technology to help strengthen ABC prevention— so you can better protect your bottom line and reputation.

Balance ABC due diligence, compliance and effective operations with solutions that enable your business to:

  • Automate key anti-bribery and corruption workflows
  • Increase supply chain visibility
  • Improve the consistency of global or multi-location ABC compliance efforts
  • Minimize due diligence process delays caused by false positives
  • Strengthen ongoing monitoring and ’books and records’ controls

Defend against bribery and corruption threats without expensive delays

The efficiency of your ABC workflow depends on access to current, consistent and consolidated risk information that supports confident, well-informed decisions—without the delays of false positives and burdensome investigations.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Anti-Bribery and Corruption solutions help your business tackle pressing ABC challenges and prioritize critical business objectives. We support your ABC policy by delivering cost-effective tools and expansive risk intelligence that improve global supply chain visibility and increase due diligence process efficiency to help prevent ABC risk exposure and protect core business operations.

Balance bribery and corruption prevention with primary business objectives

Automate key anti-bribery and anti-corruption screening and due diligence activities by connecting to cost-effective tools that leverage relevant risk intelligence to improve supply chain visibility, protect core business operations and help prioritize bribery and corruption prevention.

Third-Party Onboarding

Complete instant identification and screening of third-party entities with insight into businesses, assets and connections that reveal complex relationships.

Foreign Officials, Sanctions, State-Owned Enterprises and Enforcement Data

Fortify risk-based sanctions screening by seamlessly connecting to a comprehensive database of sanctions, state-owned enterprises, enforcements and global PEP lists that covers more than 50 risk categories.

Adverse Media

Monitor relevant risk events that could impact your third-party relationships with visibility into global adverse media profiles from over 35,000 leading worldwide sources.

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