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Routing payments worldwide while keeping data up to date with changing payment rules is challenging. 

Our file-based solution enables clients to automatically make daily updates to data within core banking or other payment processing platforms. Manual operations teams can use our online look-up tool to quickly research information.
Banks and payment service providers rely on our payments solutions to provide the data they need to route payments to up to 200 countries. 

Our solutions provide everything you need to route payments efficiently:

Bankers Almanac all SWIFT/BICs


Payment efficiency standard settlement instructions

Standard settlement instructions (SSIs)/correspondent banking details

Payments efficiency clearing system details

Clearing system details

Payments efficiency national bank codes

National bank codes

Financial institution branch details

Bank branch names and addresses

Payments efficiency financial payment routing

Avoid payments failures by staying on top of changing rules 

Our analysts proactively update payments data on milestone dates, and reactively as information changes. Clients using file-based solutions can receive updated information every day, and users of our online tools receive updates instantly. This means that if a SWIFT/BIC or SSI becomes inactive, for example, clients can avoid a large volume of payments failing.

Ensure correct payment routing with correct standard settlement instructions 

With Bankers Almanac Payments, clients maintain access to up-to-date Secure Settlement Instructions (SSIs), ensuring they meet the exact requirements of beneficiary and correspondent banks for cross-border payments. Getting this right reduces the risk of a correspondent bank friction and settlement risk.

Reduce payments costs by using domestic clearing systems

Our solutions provide payment routing details for 190 domestic payment networks including emerging markets. Using domestic clearing systems to cover the ‘last mile’ of a payment may reduce transaction costs compared to routing directly through the SWIFT network. 

Moreover, local language bank name and addresses are available for 13 counties that require this information, including China, Russia, and more.

Contact financial institutions to resolve payments issues

Our payments solutions provide names of key staff at financial institutions. Contact details, including phone numbers and, or email addresses as relevant for key departments are provided, which makes it easier for our clients to quickly resolve issues.

Payments Data Enrichment

Improved straight-through processing rates for ERP and payment processing.

Validate Account and Bank Details

Check payments instructions for errors and gaps to avoid failed payments.

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