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Ensure payments instructions are complete, correct and meet global payment rules.

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When a business or financial institution initiates a payment, the information in their ERP or payments processing platform may be incomplete, fail to meet global rules, or just be out of date. This will cause a percentage of payments to fail every day, which may need to be manually repaired. The quality of payments data is critical to providing a seamless customer experience and avoiding failed payments.

Our payments solutions help enrich payment data so that payments instructions are complete, correct and meet global payment rules and our team of analysts proactively work to keep payments data up-to-date. This ensures clients can maximize their straight-through processing rates.

Our solutions help clients automatically:

Bankers Almanac all SWIFT/BICs

Determine SWIFT/BICs for IBANs

Financial institution branch details

Add bank branch names and address details

Supplement banking details

Supplement banking details with local language data

ERP systems, including SAP

Our payments solution enables clients to automatically keep the bank master data within their corporate enterprise resource (ERP) system up to date with correct banking details. 

This file-based solution is designed to work seamlessly with SAP, Oracle, and other ERP systems.

Banks and payment service providers

Our solution enables clients to maintain accurate banking and payment routing data within their payment processing platform to make payments worldwide. The solution enriches payment information to help clients maximize their straight-through processing rates and improve their customer service.

This file-based solution is engineered to work with payment processing platforms and core banking systems.

Customer onboarding and payment setup

If the bank account number or payment purpose code is incorrect at the point of capture during onboarding, then it is not possible to correct this information without contacting the customer again.

Our API-based payments solution can sit in the payment setup section of your mobile application or website. It enriches payment instructions by automatically adding full banking details so your customers do not have to provide this. It notifies customers to pick a payment purpose code if one is required and checks account numbers for errors.
Payments Efficiency – payments data enrichment code
Payments efficiency global payment solutions

Other global solutions

Our payments solution also provides a full range of payment data via files specifically for banks in the United Kingdom or financial institutions in the U.S..

Validate Account and Bank Details

Check payments instructions for errors and gaps to avoid failed payments.

Payment Routing

Access the data needed to route payments worldwide efficiently and accurately.

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