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Redefine How You Onboard, Monitor and Transact With Customers

Build intelligent workflows to transform financial crime management and fraud detection with the power and flexibility of risk orchestration.
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Reduce Complexity, Mitigate Risk and Elevate Customer Experience

Tackling financial crime and fraud in a digital world often requires layering a host of data solutions across your customer journey, however integrating disparate systems and workflows in a way that provides an effective, low-friction customer experience can be complex and costly.

Risk orchestration brings together an organization’s entire customer onboarding and ongoing risk management activities into a single, easily configurable and scalable environment. It provides an organization with a unified view of customer risk, integrating best-in-class solutions and data services, to facilitate more informed business decisions, drive down compliance costs and outsmart fraud.
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Orchestration Is the New Workflow

While workflows connect a series of related tasks, orchestration automates complex processes and synchronizes the configuration, management and coordination of the technical resources required to support the tasks. Orchestration also simplifies access to multiple data sources and unifies teams and policies to help optimize decision speeds to support more efficient onboarding and streamlined interactions across the customer lifecycle. 

Our orchestration solutions are built to automate a full range of financial crime risk management and anti-fraud activities, including:  

  • Identity Verification
  • Business Verification
  • Synthetic Identity Detection
  • Document Authentication and Behavioral Biometrics
  • AML Risk Screening
  • Email Risk Scoring
  • Device Intelligence
  • Account Takeover Prevention
  • AML Transaction Monitoring
  • Online Payment Fraud Detection
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Achieve Smooth and Seamless Customer Lifecycle Management

Many organizations are turning to cloud-based orchestration tools to effectively meet, and responsively manage, the ever-evolving landscape of global financial crime regulation and fraud challenges. Our solutions enable global businesses to: 

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Manage critical workflows in one place

Legacy systems are typically comprised of fragmented multi-vendor tech stacks that don’t easily integrate or talk to one another. The resulting siloed data leads to slow decision-making and a lack of flexibility to respond effectively to changing needs and conditions. Our orchestration solutions provide a single view of data and a more flexible architecture, allowing organizations to make effective decisions faster.
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Seamlessly incorporate third-party insights

Orchestration platforms, such as LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™, connect businesses to a rich ecosystem of pre-integrated, third-party data sources and rulesets that can be incorporated into journeys and workflows through a simple drag and drop interface. This empowers teams with the autonomy to respond in real time to changes in policies, regulatory requirements and emerging fraud threats, with zero coding required.
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Facilitate faster and more effective onboarding

A single customer view combined with a continuous risk monitoring approach keeps internal departments supporting customer experience, compliance and fraud detection in constant sync. It enables teams to constantly assess, adapt and execute against policies that drive confident decisions and seamless onboarding journeys while reducing delays caused by false positives.
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Flexibly adapt and enter new markets

Orchestration supports a level of responsiveness and agility that allows unlimited strategies to better grow a business. Configurable, scalable and flexible, our solutions enable organizations to continually optimize their compliance and fraud prevention efforts as they grow and expand into new markets and jurisdictions.
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Reduce total cost of ownership

Our solutions are end-to-end and cloud-based, which reduces the costs of managing and maintaining technology infrastructure, minimizing implementation, support and configuration dependencies, while also eliminating the complexities of managing multiple vendor integrations.
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Ensure frictionless integration

Our orchestration solutions integrate seamlessly into existing technology ecosystems allowing rapid integration rather than weeks of development. Fully extensible and configurable, our powerful APIs are designed to meet specific use cases and data requirements.

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Discover how orchestration platforms are simplifying core customer onboarding and ongoing risk management workflows.

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