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With nearly a million new U.S. businesses established each year, and almost half of all businesses underreporting income, government agencies are losing billions of dollars in annual tax revenue.

Keeping up with business entities, permits, licenses, revenues and tax obligations has become increasingly difficult, especially with limited resources and data that is siloed across jurisdictions. Leveraging billions of business records contributed by agencies all over the U.S., LexisNexis® offers centralized access to powerful, data-driven tools that enable agencies to see and understand business connections and prioritize audits and investigations.

LexisNexis Delivers

Cross-Jurisdictional Business Visibility

Access accurate and comprehensive data on U.S. businesses from a single, user-friendly platform.

Advanced Data Linking

Reveal links between seemingly disparate data associated with business entities and individuals by leveraging unique identifiers.

Business Verification

Verify business information and perform due diligence and background research to evaluate potential risks.

Data Cleansing and Enhancement

Extract the corrected or updated data for input directly into your data warehouse to ensure quality, accuracy and completeness.

Visual Analytics and Mapping

Pinpoint businesses in your jurisdiction and drive knowledge-based decisions with visual analytics and mapping capabilities

Investigative Priotization

Filter results to gain data-driven insights and intelligently allocate business audit and investigative resources.

Achieve These Results

Optimize Investigative Resources

Effectively allocate business auditing and investigative resources based on clear risk and opportunity data.

Minimize Lost Revenue

Data analytics spot and rank indicators of business fraud and/or non-compliance enabling rapid, informed responses and improved loss mitigation.

Boost Productivity

The ability to resolve and verify business data and interrelated connections increases operational efficiency and productivity.

Enhance Tactical Accuracy

Fuel operational functions and processes with accurate, reliable data maintained through regular data cleansing and enhancements.

Understand and Minimize Risk

Gain firm control over risk management through superior business verification, validation and assessment capabilities.

Insights and Resources

Business Due Diligence

Vetting New Businesses for Fraud in Todays Digital Environment

Safeguard your business creation process and the data your jurisdiction needs to make critical decisions.
Prevent Risk & Streamline Vendor Due Diligence

Business Data Intelligence

Prevent risk and streamline vendor due diligence with business data intelligence.
Business Due Diligence for Tax Auditors

Business Due Diligence for Tax Auditors

Tools to maximize agency resources and increase tax revenue.
On Demand Webinar

Vetting Businesses to Protect Against COVID-19 Fraud Scams

This 30-minute complimentary webinar highlights up-front fraud prevention measures you can use to assess risk and streamline business and vendor due diligence.

Framing the Business Tax Compliance Landscape

Gain a better understanding of the landscape with viewpoints from 29 states.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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