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Monitor Customers in Your Small Business Portfolio to Anticipate Risk

Detect financial instability in small business customers at the earliest stage.
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LexisNexis® Small Business Monitoring


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Limit small business credit risk with automated alerts

Confidently  monitor small business financial health with robust credit and alternative data.

Small businesses by their nature can experience ups and downs to their financial health. And external forces like the economy and regulations can have a significant effect on their stability. How can you know when one of your small business customers is at risk of default?

LexisNexis® Small Business Monitoring with SBFE Data™ helps you to actively manage your small business accounts by providing oversight of both negative and positive changes. It leverages alternative data combined with traditional credit data to give you a much clearer picture of a small business’s financial health at any point in time. Early notification enables you to protect your organization by limiting unused credit or setting up a payment program.

You set thresholds, event targets and timeframes for alerts. Then Small Business Monitoring works behind the scenes, conducting oversight to provide you with unprecedented account visibility throughout the customer lifecycle.

Keep tabs

Keep tabs on your small business customers

Customize alerts

Customize alerts to signal when problems arise

Be proactive

Be proactive in limiting risk exposure

Minimize losses in your small business portfolio

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Track performance

Alternative data helps you see potential issues before they become unsolvable problems.
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Monitor public records

Know if your customer is connected in any way to a bankruptcy, judgment or lien.
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Get notified of changes

Seize upsell opportunities when the news is positive and be proactive when the news is negative.

Small Business Monitoring blends alternative data with traditional credit data to keep you informed on the financial health of your customers.

Identify performance shifts in your small business accounts

Customer lifecycle

Regularly  check your small business customers’ credit profile

See new account openings, delinquencies, charge-offs and credit score changes.

Monitor for material public record events

Uncover bankruptcies, judgments and liens.

Target specific account events

Set thresholds for triggering notifications, eliminating unnecessary alerts.

Receive notification of changes, whether good or bad

Seize upsell opportunities, avoid unwelcome surprises.

Observe a business and its representatives

Small  companies are closely tied to their authorized representatives. A financial problem for one often impacts the financial health of the other. LexisNexis® Small Business Monitoring with SBFE Data™ provides monitoring of both the business and its representatives to keep you informed of issues that could lead to financial instability.

SBFE data

SBFE data:

30M small businesses, 100M accounts and 20+ years of historical data since 2001
Alternative data

Alternative data:

10,000+ sources of public records, proprietary information and alternative data files
B2B tradeline data

B2B tradeline data:

Records of transactions between the business and its vendors
Derogatory events

Derogatory events:

Any bankruptcies, judgments and liens for the business and its representatives

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