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Decoding Creditworthiness: A New Approach to Small Business Lending

Alternative data provides valuable insights into the financial health of small and new businesses.
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LexisNexis® Small Business Credit Report


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Make informed business lending decisions

Alternative data lets you peek behind the curtain of small businesses.

Lending to small businesses can expose your organization to unique risks. Small businesses can be more sensitive to changes in the economy, competitor threats and other external challenges. They also can be harder to research. Most small businesses created within the past five years have thin-file or no-file credit histories. So how do you know if they’re creditworthy?

LexisNexis® Small Business Credit Report combines credit data from the Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc. (SBFE) with alternative data from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and applies sophisticated linking technology and analytics to connect people to businesses to create a more inclusive snapshot of a small business.

Extend more offers

Extend more offers

Optimize loan terms

Optimize loan terms

Reduce risk exposure

Reduce risk exposure

Improve performance in your small business portfolio

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Expand your addressable market

Alternative data increases the scoreable small business population by up to 60%.
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Differentiate between businesses with similar credit bands

See a more detailed view of financial stability and creditworthiness.
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Strengthen segmentation

Target businesses with the best profit potential.

Small Business Credit Report covers 25% more businesses than any
other data provider, including more small and new businesses.

Assess, monitor and manage risk throughout the customer life cycle

Loan lifecycle

Identify small businesses with big potential that might otherwise be overlooked.

Increase approvals, manage risk and deliver more competitive offers.

Fortify customer relationships to manage evolving risk and see opportunities for growth.

Customize outreach strategies to rehabilitate delinquent consumers and mitigate losses.

A blend of business and business representative information

Small businesses are closely tied to their business authorized representative. The Small Business Credit Report provides aggregated insights on both the business and its authorized representative.

Alternative data

Alternative data from 10,000+ sources

B2B tradeline data

B2B tradeline data

Derogatory events

Derogatory events such as bankruptcies, judgments and liens

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Increase credit clarity with alternative data

Learn more about how Small Business Credit Report can enhance your customer credit perspective.
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Access a suite of predictive credit solutions

Learn how Small Business risk solutions leverage alternative data to provide critical insights.

Expand your perspective on small business customers

Let us share how you can improve small business credit assessment across the customer life cycle.

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