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Uncover Hidden Insights into Small Business Credit Risk

Leverage robust alternative data and SBFE data to assess small businesses creditworthiness more confidently.
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See small businesses with clarity

Alternative  data provides unique insight into credit risk throughout the customer life cycle.

Traditional credit data has long been the determinant of a business’s credit risk. That practice works best for well-established businesses that have a substantial credit history. But many small and new businesses have minimal credit history. If that lack of data makes them ineligible for credit, you could be missing out on an exciting opportunity to empower that business, increase inclusivity and grow your portfolio.

LexisNexis® Small Business Attributes combines credit data from the Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc. (SBFE) with alternative data from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to create a more reliable and nuanced view of a small business. This unique combination gives you the competitive advantage of actionable risk assessments on many thin-file and no-file small businesses.

Identify underserved businesses

Identify underserved small businesses

Grow your portfolio

Grow your portfolio

Minimize risk exposure

Minimize risk exposure

Maximize small business growth opportunities and add to your bottom line

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Expand market scope

Alternative data helps qualify many small businesses that might otherwise be overlooked.
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Improve credit assessment

Identify small businesses with potential to grow and extend more competitive offers.
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Stay informed

Be aware of changes in customer profiles so you can jump on opportunities to cross-sell or protect against risks.

Small Business Attributes delve into unique data insights beyond the traditional credit data for a clearer picture of a business’s creditworthiness.

Factor risk into credit decisions throughout the customer life cycle

Customer lifecycle

Reach out to small businesses that could be good prospects and might otherwise be overlooked.

Boost approvals and profitability by extending competitive offers to qualified small businesses.

Monitor customers for changes in risk profile and take mitigation action when warranted.

Enhance perspective with business and owner insights

Small  companies tend to have close ties to their owners or authorized representatives. To be thorough in assessing credit risk, you should consider the financial stability of not only the business but also its authorized representative. LexisNexis® Small Business Attributes with SBFE Data™ looks at both, including details such as a business representative’s assets, properties, derogatory information and source activity.

SBFE data

SBFE data:

30M small businesses, 100M accounts and 20+ years of historical data since 2001
Alternative data

Alternative data:

10,000+ sources of public records, proprietary information and alternative data files
B2B tradeline data

B2B tradeline data:

Records of transactions between the business and its vendors
Derogatory events

Derogatory events:

Any bankruptcies, judgments and liens for the business and its representatives

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Expand your perspective on small business customers

Improve credit risk assessments before, during and after lending.

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