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Patient Identity Intelligence

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Life Sciences Organizations need an effective and efficient way to gather, maintain and leverage information on the consumers and businesses they engage with. 

LexisNexis offers a full suite of Identity Intelligence solutions that integrate seamlessly within existing workflows and platforms to allow Life Sciences organizations to focus on what they do best— research and develop the future of healthcare.

Verify patient identities

Confirm patient identities whether via online portal or in-person, using a real-time, knowledge-based authentication process.

Conduct business due diligence

Comply with global regulations, conduct due diligence and reduce anti-bribery and corruption risks more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Enhance patient profiles

Continually update patient records, ensuring you have access to the latest, most accurate attributes on prospects being considered for inclusion in outreach efforts.

Increase security

Use multi-factor authentication to verify identities using two elements like a PIN and token or password and fingerprint.

Improve patient engagement

Reach your targets with confidence and reduce administrative costs for undeliverable mail and wrong phone numbers.

Link disparate patient records

Identify and connect a patient’s multiple health care records, within and across disparate electronic systems.

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