Predict Outcomes and Improve Member Engagement using Social Determinants of Health Data

Forecast health risks in the absence of medical and pharmacy claims.

Health Risk Models

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LexisNexis leverages clinically validated social determinants of health attributes found within public records data to help healthcare organizations predict health risks.

This capability complements existing clinical analytics models and is system agnostic. It is particularly important for health plans assessing new enrollees in the absence of medical and pharmacy claims. Fueling your clinical analytics model with social determinants of health data can also improve existing risk stratification and health risk models, gives health plans the ability to view people as living dynamic lives, and creates transparency that drives highly informed decisions.

Assess healthcare risk

Forecast risk for new members even when you don’t have a claims history.

Move beyond claims data

Increase accuracy of clinical analytics risk models when you eliminate dependence on claims and prescription data.

Gain a more complete picture of members

Social determinants of health data reveals how members’ daily lives impact their mental and physical health.

Be proactive

Identify members at risk for adverse health outcomes and intervene to prevent problems and contain costs.

Make data-driven decisions

Predict health outcomes such as total cost, hospitalization, prescription cost, ER visits, stress index and more.

Augment existing model

Leverage the system agnostic solution to boost existing risk stratification and population health models.

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